10 Most Unexpected Automotive Collaborations

There’s an unspoken rule in the automotive industry: if you aren’t able to create and complete a project, it is better to leave your ego at the doorstep and ask for a helping hand. In fact, nine out of ten times, manufacturers find a solution before asking for assistance. And in most cases, they will speed up the process, mess up the design and the engineering, and pray for the best.

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Unfortunately, praying doesn’t do much when it comes to cars. That’s why we have some crazy collaborations that come out of pure necessity or just everyday friendship between the companies. And sometimes the vehicles turn to be legitimate love children that the entire car community seems to adore. But other times, they are instead the beast that shouldn’t have been born.

The mix of genes makes consumers wonder if a purebred is better than what’s being offered. Nonetheless, here are some odd automotive collaborations that have gained a lot of attention over the years.

10 Honda and Isuzu: Honda Passport

10 Most Unexpected Automotive Collaborations

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