10 Ways You’ve Told Us You’re Celebrating Pride This Year

Between canceling corporate parades and parties because of coronavirus and showing up for Black Lives Matter marches, demonstrations, and direct actions, June feels a little different this year – in a really good way. We asked y’all, our readers, how you’re celebrating Pride this year, and here’s some of what you told us.

1. Give money to Black-led LGBTQ organizations

Donate individually or fundraise with your friends (and larger community circles) for Black-led LGBTQ organizations – there are so many, but these are the orgs y’all shared: The Okra Project, LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund, For The Gworls, Black Visions Collective, G.L.I.T.S.

2. Host Virtual Pride with pals!

Host a virtual Pride with your pals! Hop on Zoom, HouseParty, or even just FaceTime and spend a few hours, the whole day, or the whole weekend together. Dress up in your gayest attire, take plenty of thirst traps, play trivia, watch short films, do karaoke, have a dance party, host a costume contest, cook dinner together, read your favorite Autostraddle article out loud together… you could actually do anything on this list, just virtually, with your friends, all month long. There are also so many educational, exciting virtual events to watch almost every day – conversations, readings, round tables, and more with activists, poets, scientists… the content we have available to us all over the internet right now is a genuine gift.

3. Protest to support Black people

Attend a direct action to support Black people and fight white supremacy – wear a mask, get tested a few days after you protest / volunteer if you can, and either go with a buddy or let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

4. Create a personal LGBTQ film festival

Put together a mini LGBTQ Film Festival – one person said they’re gonna watch one gay movie every single day this month! This can be done solo or with friends / acquaintances / Twitter mutuals.

5. Learn about our past, present, and future

Create a syllabus and get studying! Make a list of readings and documentaries about LGBTQ topics and people then dive in, learn about your local queer history, take notes, make an informal book club, and, as one reader said, “see where this knowledge leads you…”


6. Get crafty

Crafts! Someone suggested making rainbow flags with their kids, someone else suggested making a mini Pride zine and/or comic… we are a crafty people, get out that glue stick (protest signs also count as crafts, obviously)!

7. Eat delicious treats

Cake! Bake a rainbow cake / buy a rainbow cake / eat a rainbow cake. If you hate rainbows go for a different kind of cake. If you hate cake go for a different kind of treat!

8. Get social (at a distance)

Bike around town dropping off treats (beer! lemonade! homemade cookies! books!) to queer pals and chosen family (“like bar hopping, but on a bike and no touching” – the genius reader who submitted this particular plan!).

9. Animal Crossing Pride

Host a small Animal Crossing Pride on your island. (Here’s the direct quote from our reader, goddess bless: “My ambitious goal is to set up some historical dioramas / “photo booths” of important LGBTQ figures from history… we’ll see if I have the bells to pull it off :)”)

10. Reflect and remember

Reflect and remember: Journal about your favorite Pride memory, ask your pals about their funniest / sweetest / most embarrassing / proudest Pride memories, think about the moment that first radicalized you, daydream about your crush, plan for the future, contemplate your role in the revolution!

How are you celebrating Pride this month? How are you planning to keep that proud queer anti-racist, anti-corporate, socially distant energy going all year long? Let us know in the comments!

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