2020 Honda Africa Twin delivery gone wrong

It seems the adjustable front suspension was too soft to handle a bunch of stairs without grounding the engine protector

No doubt, riding your brand new adventure bike off the showroom is a wonderful feeling. The excitement is usually overflowing at that moment and it sometimes lead to not-so-good consequences. Just a few days ago a video had gone viral on social media, where a Kia Carnival had crashed into a wall while it was being taken out of the showroom by the owner.

Something similar has happened again, but the extent of damage is nowhere close. Lucky that this 2020 Honda Africa Twin rider did not end up crashing his motorcycle seconds from taking delivery although he came awfully close to it.

The video shows the motorcycle riding down the showroom steps, a mild exercise for the immensely capable Honda, but it appears the adjustable front forks are configured too soft for the task. As a result, the front suspension compressed too much, thus lowering the ground clearance. Consequently, the bash plate made a solid impact on one of the last steps, breaking it in the process. Luckily, neither the rider nor the motorcycle got hurt (save for the scratched bash plate).

2020 Honda Africa Twin – what’s new?

Honda Africa Twin, having noted much success since launch in 2016 with over 87,000 units sold, has received a mid-life refresh recently. The 2020 Honda Africa Twin promises to be improved in terms of technology and with a more powerful engine as compared to its earlier counterpart.

The new Honda Africa Twin is more off-road based, commands better performance and is loaded with technologies. It is available with manual and Dual Clutch Transmission variants.

The flagship adventure tourer sports LED lighting, a revised 6.5” TFT touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, an instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity and access to functions like navigation, music and incoming calls. It 2020 Africa Twin also…

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