Ford F-100 “Speed Truck” Flexes Serious Muscle in Slick Rendering

These days, we’re still waiting for the Blue Oval to release the full specs of the freshly announced third-generation Raptor, with Ford officials having confirmed that the V8 architecture of the original is set to make a comeback next year in the Raptor R. Meanwhile, we want to focus on a piece of digital art that takes far up the family tree of the performance truck, revolving around an F-100.
This virtual build started out in life as a… 3D model of a 1956 Ford F-100, which means we’re looking at the final model year, one that’s easy to spot thanks to the wraparound windshield with vertical pillars, a single model year revamp that left behind the angled windshield and pillars of the previous versions.

Speaking of the F-Series DNA, the said generation saw the automaker leaving the original’s single-number nomenclature behind in favor of the three-digit one that’s still in use today.

A digital restomod this might be, but the project doesn’t take the body of the vehicle all that far from the original, at least not when you look at the individual changes – pixel label johnrendering, which is responsible for the work, managed to achieve quite a lot, though, as you’ll notice in the Instagram post below.

We have to start with the elephant in the room. The hood seems to have been left behind, exposing that V8. Then again, with that blower and its chrome hat sitting atop of the motor, you might not be able to stare at this thing for too long, since it can easily disappear into the horizon.

The same mirror-like finish dominates the front end of the truck, while we can also find it on the wheels, with the whitewall tires adding flavor to the rolling setup.

Speaking of the connection to the road, the way in which the wheels are buried into the fenders probably means we’re dealing with air springs.

Not much else has been done to the blue collar machine, albeit with the color that needs to be mentioned involving a mesmerizing shade of green.

And with the art label having also…

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