7,000 erring motorcycle riders flagged down

7,000 erring motorcycle riders flagged down

Neil Jayson Servallos (The Philippine Star) – July 20, 2020 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police (PNP) said yesterday that it has flagged down more than 7,000 motorcycle riders for violating regulations on backriding, particularly the rules for couples and barriers, since the government allowed the transportation mode earlier this month.

Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, PNP deputy chief for operations, said police around the country have flagged down more than 14,700 motorcycle riders as of Sunday and found that 7,091 or almost half of the total attempted to pass themselves off as married or live-in couples.

At least 6,475 of the violators not only posed as couples but were also caught not using any barriers, according to data from the Joint Task Force (JTF) COVID Shield.

Eleazar, commander of the JTF, said of the 14,700 motorcycles flagged down, 14,156 or 96 percent did not put up barriers while carrying another passenger. This meant that nationwide, more or less only 600 riders have used barriers, he said.

Meanwhile, 7,680 riders who have proven they were couples had no installed barriers.

Eleazar said most of the riders flagged down by police were caught carrying relatives, friends or neighbors.

“For a long time, motorcycle riders had repeatedly requested the government to allow at least their partners to backride with them due to limited public transportation. And now that the government finally granted their request, they openly and brazenly disregarded the rules that the government was asking from them in return to ensure their safety from the coronavirus infection,” Eleazar said in a statement yesterday.

PNP data showed that Central Visayas…

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