Also.Also.Also: Beyoncé Sent Roxane Gay an Ivy Park Box, Black Bisexual Nerds the Time Has Arrived!

I’ll be honest with you! I recognize that the intros to our ‘lil twice-a-week time together haven’t been their best lately! But I promise that as soon as we get past Thanksgiving, I will re-double my efforts!

Until then, may your water be cool and refreshing, may you remember to spend some time away from your screen, and may we all make it to Saturday in one piece.

And here’s a few readings, smart and fun both, to help with that last part!

Queer as in F*ck You

May I please present to you, a love story.



And then…


And, in Epilogue: None of us may love Beyoncé as much as Roxane Gay loves Beyoné, but no one loves Roxane Gay as much as her wife Debbie Millman

With little serotonin boost out of the way, here’s some other supremely excellent gay ass news:

Cara Delevingne Is Now Co-Owner of a Sex Technology Brand. We can say it, this feels right.

‘A Story That Hadn’t Been Told’: Inside a Groundbreaking Trans Surgery Center. In a moving new documentary Born to Be, the work of pioneering surgeon Dr. Jess Ting and the lives of his patients are brought to the screen with sensitivity.

How Much Bisexual Energy Do You Radiate? (It’s Thursday night, have a little fun quiz!)

Saw This, Thought of You

What if Instead of Calling People Out, We Called Them In?

Our Healthcare System Is Completely Unprepared for Long COVID. Am I going to use this opportunity to once again plug the absolutely perfect essay The Soft Butch That Couldn’t (Or: I Got COVID-19 in March and Never Got Better) that I still think of all time, to this very day? Yes, I sure am.

Want To Defund The Police? Start On Campus

Whitewashing the Great Depression. How the preeminent photographic record of the period excluded people of color from the nation’s self-image.

Let’s Talk About That Reconciliation During The “Fresh Prince Reunion Special”

We Need To Know Who The “Ethereal Bisexual” Woman Was In Barack Obama’s Memoir

This brings me to one of my favorite jokes of the week!

Zillow Surfing Is the Escape We All Need Right Now. After nearly a decade away, I spent no less than four hours last week plotting my return to New York City.

Political Snacks

The People Who Lie to Family and Friends About Whom They Voted For.

Stacey Abrams On Finishing the Job In Georgia. I know you’re tired of me talking about it, I know it, but seriously y’all — 52 Days Left!! And Also.Also.Also, this feature is legitimately great. Read it.

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