Also.Also.Also: What Do You Mean Dog Years Aren’t Real??

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Before last Friday, I hadn’t listened to the Hamilton cast album in months… but after watching the show on Disney+ for the first time, I’m back to obsessively listening to it, the mixtape and the Hamildrops and reliving some of my favorite #Ham4Ham performances. Consider this roundup my effort at breaking through my growing addiction.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ If you pay close attention to Roxane Gay’s latest piece, “The World, Opened Up,” you may notice a little bit of personal news:

Congratulations to Roxane and Debbie on their nuptials!


+ Loved this from Kristen Arnett: “[Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina] not only made me want to write, but it showed me the kind of writing that I wanted to do, which felt so significant to me” – Kristen Arnett on the Butch Women Who Inspired Her

+ Raquel Willis is having a moment and I am here for it: How I Get It Done: Writer and Activist Raquel Willis

+ LGBTQ icon Aimee Stephens found ‘second purpose’ fighting her case

+ They Marched in America’s First Pride Demonstrations in 1970. They’re Still Out, Loud, and Proud.

+ Bad Traditionalism: How I Escaped a Disastrous Engagement

+ A Supreme Court Win for Gay Rights, but Not in My Church

+ Give the alliance forged during the Moral Mondays movement, this is no surprise: Black lives matter, LGBTQ groups find common ground in fight against police brutality

+ China’s drag queens want to break free from discrimination

+ Retirement expert: LGBTQ Americans’ ‘savings are simply smaller’ due to discrimination

Saw This, Thought of You

+ As I attempt to evolve my own thinking about what policing should look like, pieces like this are helpful in conceptualizing abolition: How I Became a Police Abolitionist

+ This is why tear gas is a chemical weapon, banned in war: Protestors Who Were Tear Gassed Say They Got Their Period Multiple Times in a Month

+ Black families pay significantly higher property taxes than white families, new analysis shows

+ Could I stan Meghan Markle more? Apparently so: Harry and Meghan call for Britain to confront colonial past

+ Mind blown: Nope, every dog year isn’t equal to 7 human years, researchers now say

Saw This, Thought of You: Sportsball Edition

+ It was a great weekend of NWSL action in the Challenge Cup. I’d pick this header from Houston’s Shea Groom as my favorite goal of this round:

This goal from Lindsey Horan, though? A close second:

NWSL action resumes tomorrow with the Utah Royals taking on OL Reign and the Dash back in action against Sky Blue FC.

+ Nope, Nope, Nope: Utah Royals, RSL fans may be able to attend last two rounds of the Challenge Cup tournament

+ Two weeks ago, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), who’s caught in middle of a highly contentious special election, called protesting the death of Rayshard Brooks at the hands of police, while exercising their rights to open carry, were an example of “mob rule.” Aside from just being generally repugnant, Loeffler’s comments drew particular attention because she’s also co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, a WNBA team that with a majority black roster.

Now WNBA players are speaking out: WNBA stars call for ousting of Sen. Kelly Loeffler as team owner after ‘mob rule’ comments.

+ WNBA teams have arrived in Florida and are currently quarantined in their Bradenton villas (aka the “Wubble”). One of the funnest players to watch is not among them: Las Vegas Aces’ Liz Cambage expected to miss WNBA season, agent says

+ I worry she’s not wrong: After questioning safety of upcoming WNBA season, Sky assistant coach Bridget Pettis resigns

+ Congratulations to Las Vegas’ Angel McCoughtry on speaking this into existence: WNBA players to spotlight Breonna Taylor’s name on jerseys; ‘Say Her Name’ on warm-ups

+ Related: The WNBA also announced the creation of a Social Justice Council which will “be a driving force of necessary and continuing conversations about race, voting rights, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and gun control amongst other important societal issues.”

+ In “Men Also Play Sports” news: Report: Every member of the Washington ownership group not named Snyder wants out of the team

+ Also: The 60-game MLB schedule is out! and the NHL is returning!

Political Snacks

+ Symone Sanders Bet on Biden, and Herself

+ Trump, Twitter, Facebook, and the Future of Online Speech

+ Republicans in danger of losing huge portion of their female senators

+ A few weeks ago, in a huge blow to environmental activists, the Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Forest Service could permit the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to run underneath the Appalachian Trail. But, over the weekend, the energy companies behind the pipeline announced that they were cancelling the project.

+ Just when I think they can sink no lower, they do: ICE: Foreign Students Must Leave The U.S. If Their Colleges Go Online-Only This Fall

+ Trump’s new asylum rules extinguish hope for LGBTQ asylum seekers

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