Another Tri-Valley ‘Trump Truck Rally’ Draws A Fleet Of Support

TRI-VALLEY, CA — A fleet of president Donald Trump’s supporters paraded through Livermore and Pleasanton for the second time Saturday for the another “Tri-Valley Trump Truck Rally.” Hundreds of trucks packed the Stoneridge Mall Saturday morning, honking and revving engines in anticipation for the rally to start.

Dripping in patriotic paraphernalia and MAGA flags, the conservative caravan was out in full force to show their support for the president, law enforcement and the military.

Organizers on the event’s Facebook page estimated that around 2,000 vehicles joined the rally, which led cars from Pleasanton to Livermore.

The first Tri-Valley Trump Rally was held in late September and also saw quite the turnout, with conservatives young and hold, hoping to paint the blue state red.

“I’ve been following Trump for a while, but now I feel like the silent majority is no more,”Attendee David O’Brien told KCBS Radio. “This is so many more people than I expected.”

Supporters gathered for the rally from Tri-Valley, Alameda County, San Francisco, with some traveling all the way from Sacramento.

The route began at the Stoneridge Mall’s parking lot in Pleasanton and ended on South Livermore Avenue near a large flagpole.

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