Backseat Drivers, a New Car Show Starring Kid Drivers

  • A “family friendly” and commercial-free online channel, Yippee, is now streaming 10 episodes of a car show by and for school-age kids, Backseat Drivers.
  • The three 10-something actors aren’t just back-seat drivers, though; wearing helmets and accompanied by a stunt driver, they actually get to drive.
  • Cars on the show include a Tesla Model X, a Fiat 500, an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, and a Porsche Cayenne, among others.

    Backseat Drivers is a new car show, aimed at school-age kids, on the family-friendly streaming channel Yippee. The show follows the adventures of three telegenic young hosts, Jack (Zachlewis Maravilla), Remy (Ariana Raetz), and Cam (Sean Ohanesian)—whose combined age is just over 30—as they caress, perform challenges with, and generally kvell over a host of cool and unique vehicles. Rounding out the cast is an actress playing Remy’s Alfa GTV6–wrenching “mom” (Suzanna Akins) and professional hotfoot stunt driver Sarah (Sarah Fairfield). To answer your first question, yes, the kids actually get behind the wheel.

    Yippee is a paid, commercial-free streaming channel that costs $7.99 per month, but there’s a free seven-day trial available.

    “I wanted to create situations where we could have the kids driving as much as possible,” says series co-creator John Chuldenko. In this season, Remy challenges a self-parking Tesla Model X to a parallel-park-off in a Fiat 500, Cam slaloms a golf cart through a course made of shopping carts, and all of the kids get to use the simulators at the LA auto show.

    To keep the kids safe during all of this, the show implemented a broad set of standard practices. “We wanted to make sure we were modeling things in a really safe way, so that we’re not setting this unreal set of expectations for viewers [of] some alternate reality where kids can just drive,” says co-creator and Yippee director of programming Adam Mellema. To this end, the kids are always wearing helmets. They’re always with the stunt driver….

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