Chattanooga Mazda dealership sold to Integrity Automotive

Integrity Automotive Group in Chattanooga is adding another nameplate to its stable of new and used vehicles with the purchase of the Tim Short Mazda dealership in the city.

Mazda is the first import badge for Integrity, which already sells the Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC brands in Chattanooga.

“We think it’s a good addition to our representation in the marketplace,” said Brent Morgan, the group’s president.

Morgan said the group has already invested in improvements in the dealership at 6015 International Dr., which is now called Integrity Mazda.

“We’ve painted it, we’re redoing it, updating all the furniture and fixtures to make it more customer-centric,” he said. “It will give customers a more pleasurable experience in sales and service.”

More changes are planned, he said, noting it has told Mazda it will put up a new store either at the existing site or at another location within two years.

Morgan said that Integrity wants to rapidly grow sales of Mazda vehicles in Chattanooga. While about 25 or so new vehicles were typically on hand, that number will rise to over 100, he said.

“That’s how bullish we are on Mazda and how optimistic that we can make a big change in new sales,” he said.

The auto dealer said he expects the sales rate for the Japanese car company to soar by 200% to 300% in the Chattanooga market.

“Mazda was under-represented in the marketplace,” Morgan said. “There’s a lot of opportunity for the Mazda brand.”

He wouldn’t say how much Integrity paid for the dealership, but added that it’s making a “substantial” investment in Mazda.

In addition, a second generation of Morgans will be involved in the dealership, he said. His two sons, Jesse and Bailey Morgan, and a daughter, Abigail Lockhart, will take an active role in operations, Morgan said.

Already, he said, they’d been involved in the group and they hold vice president titles.

“From an operational standpoint, they’ll be engaged” in the Mazda dealership day…

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