As the economy around the United States and Texas begins to open up amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, car dealerships are hopeful that means they can unload 2020 models on their lots.

“Right now, we are focused a great deal on the online aspect of things,” said Raymond Palacios, president of Bravo Cadillac. “This is something like we’ve never been through before. We’re still keeping our hours the same for the most part. We’re still focused on safety of course and trying to help our customers in that manner.”

Martin Rocha is the marketing director for Charlie Clark Nissan in El Paso and the dealership is working hard to help the customer in a variety of ways.

“The customer is what it’s about and we’re trying to help them how we can,” he said. “We’ll take the cars to the customer for a test drive, we’ll work with customers online and if they want to come to our dealership that’s fine too. We’ve changed some things up in terms of safety. We keep the doors open all the time, we are constantly sanitizing everything.”

How coronavirus has impacted El Paso car sales

Jeff Bartlett works for and said potential car buyers have some great options right now when looking for cars.

“Potential buyers can find some great deals either with lowering the sticker price or in financing,” Bartlett said. “The car industry is certainly being affected right now in a big way. But consumers should know that while bargains are out…