Friday Open Thread: What’s Motivating You and Getting You Through?

Hello and welcome to your Autostraddle open thread for Friday, June 12! This is a space for y’all to chat with each other about how you are, what you’ve been up to this week, what’s motivating you, what’s getting you through, or just how you’re feeling.

We recently brought back our Friday Open Thread posts, and it feels like we did so (coincidentally) at exactly the right time. I hope we can all use this space to care for each other and continue to build the virtual community that makes Autostraddle a special place on the internet. As we discussed a few weeks ago, staff won’t be guiding discussion on the open thread too much – it’s really just an open room, if you will, for our readers to gather and hang out – but if you need a suggestion about where to start talking this week, I’ll offer this.

As a white person, I am very grateful to everyone on the Autostraddle team who is putting so much work into creating resources specifically to facilitate anti-racist work and unlearning. Some of my favorite articles this week, to that end, include Abeni’s How to Talk to Your White Friends and Family About Racism and KaeLyn’s Raising Anti-Racist Kids: A Guide and Book List for White and Non-Black POC Parents. Maybe you can also share which article resonated most with you this week? Or you can just let us know how you’re doing.

Whatever we end up talking about, I feel confident in speaking for everyone when I say – we’re very glad you’re here.

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Published at Fri, 12 Jun 2020 17:00:14 +0000-Friday Open Thread: What’s Motivating You and Getting You Through?

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