Heartbroken community mourns mom, sons lost in ‘murder-suicide’

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – This morning, the deaths of a Hephzibah mother and her twin babies have broken the hearts of an entire community. Now there’s news none of them wanted to hear.

Richmond County deputies say 25-year-old Shaquia Philpot drove her car with her 10-month-old twin boys inside into Mayor’s Pond near the Augusta Regional Airport for “unknown reasons” and the three drowned.

Deputies are now changing the investigation from something they’d categorized as an accident to a murder-suicide.

The incident report only details what officials found at the scene when they arrived. It doesn’t give any clue as to why they think this happened.

Family members and friends say they are having a hard time believing it.

“When I found out it was her, I was stuck, and I didn’t believe it,” said Philpot’s stepbrother, Darius Coleman. “To this day, I still don’t believe it.”

Other family members say the woman they knew was happy, loving, and a wonderful mother.

“I talked to her three or four days ago, and we was laughing and joking,” Coleman said.

Friends and community members honored Shaquia and the boys by setting up a memorial at the pond and releasing balloons in their memory.

Philpot’s family members say the woman they knew was happy, loving — and a wonderful mother.

Right now, family members and investigators say they have more questions than answers.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office authorities say they hope the autopsy results will give them some kind of idea about how and why this happened.

Until then, they say the investigation is ongoing.

This impromptu memorial has sprung up at Mayor's Pond.
This impromptu memorial has sprung up at Mayor’s Pond.(WRDW)

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