Man frustrated with Seattle police response to alleged racial incident

A man who claims he was the victim of racial slurs says he is dissatisfied with how Seattle police handled the investigation.

SEATTLE — Seattle police are investigating an alleged bias incident, and the conduct of an officer responding to the call also faces scrutiny.

Kert Lin called 911 last Tuesday after he went to the Home Depot in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood. He said as he turned in the parking lot, a man in a landscaping truck yelled at him out the window.

“As I drove by, they yelled out their window, ‘C**** open your eyes, go back to China,’” Lin said. “Obviously I was disturbed by that.”

He said the vehicle followed him into the parking lot, so he took pictures of it and the man inside.

“He claimed to be the owner of the company, that there was nothing I could do, and he repeated his racial taunts,” Lin said.

He says while on the phone with 911, the man tried to goad him out of his car before entering the store. He expressed frustration with the company’s response.

“They were just welcomed into the Home Depot,” he said.

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But he’s more focused on what he says the responding Seattle police officer did. He described the officer asking if he’d been threatened with direct physical violence or if he felt he was in danger. He answered no, reasoning he had stayed inside his car.

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