More On The Electric Pickup Truck’s Makeover

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Posted on EVANNEX on November 21, 2020 by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla Cybertruck made waves when it was first introduced. The futuristic, apocalyptic, cyberpunk design was plenty controversial. Will the concept car that was first showcased at the launch event last year change when the production version comes to market? Or … will Cybertruck 2.0 just be a dull, watered-down version of what we were all craving?

Above: Changes are coming to the iconic Cybertruck design (Source: 3axis)

No way. Musk has complained about this issue many, many times. Even back in 2014, he tweeted, “Really hate it when companies bring out an awesome show car and then you never actually buy it. So lame.”

Don’t worry. The Cybertruck will still be jaw-dropping. But it may need to become a bit more practical. Just like the Model 3, it kinda requires a refresh of sorts to improve upon the original.

Inverse recently recapped some expected changes via Cybertruck’s forthcoming redesign. Don’t forget — during Tesla’s 3Q 2020 earnings call, Musk said there’s “a lot of small improvements compared to what was unveiled,” and the final truck will be “better than what we showed.”

“With Tesla, we really aim to make the car that is delivered better than the car that is unveiled,” Musk promised. “It always drove me crazy. Car companies would unveil these awesome looking cars. Like great, can’t wait til they make that! And then the car they actually make is much worse. It’s, like, really disappointing.”

Okay. So what can we expect to change on the production Cybertruck? Dating back…

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