Morris, Triumph and a Ford Capri – Abergavenny man’s life in classic cars

Today we launch our Me and My Motor page. Each week we will chat to someone with a passion for vehicles – from classics to hot hatches and from motorcycles to vintage.

This week is is Rob Brittlebank, of Abergavenny, who is a member of Gwent Classic Car Club.

South Wales Argus:

Rob Brittlebank and his wife with their 1938 Morris 8

What car do you own?

1938 Morris 8 two-door saloon

Why did you decide to buy this particular car?

I bought it from my uncle when I was 16 back in 1967 and spent a year getting it roadworthy before I could drive it on my provisional licence. This was a ‘fall-back’ solution to wanting a set of wheels, as my Dad was not keen on me having a motorbike!

What is your dream car and why?

A 1951-ish Riley RMD. Rileys were some of the last post-war cars with pre-war styling – the RMD is a convertible and really smart. Although if I could afford it, I’d probably go for an Aston Martin!

South Wales Argus:

Rob’s Triumph Vittesse

What other cars have you owned and which was your favourite?

I had a 1963 Triumph Vitesse, which had a great engine with a superb exhaust note, but rotten bodywork. I could pull out handfuls of rusty metal from underneath. My next favourite was a 1979 2-litre Ford Capri, which was a great car but had to go when my wife started learning to drive.

What do you think a car says about its driver?

I think many cars reflect the owner’s personality, though what that says about a Morris Eight I’m not sure! These days I go for practicality and good functionality, but with a bit of style for good measure.

What do you think you’ll get next?

I’ve had a Toyota RAV4 for ten years and don’t want to change it. Apart from the expense of buying another car, I wouldn’t want anything with the level of technical gismo provided in modern cars which, to my mind, detracts from the enjoyment of driving.

What does your family think about your passion for cars?

They’ve learnt to live with it, so long as it…

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