Murder victim remembered for kindness, loyalty to friends, struggles with addiction –

Mathew Bond had a life motto, borrowed from a tea tag: “Act selfless, you will be infinite.”

In the early-morning hours of June 3, Bond’s mother, Christine Grooms, believes her son was living out that saying when he is reported to have leaned protectively over his friend as a man opened fire on their passing car, killing the 34-year-old Bond.

Christine Grooms holds a photo of her son Mathew Bond outside her home in Longmont on Friday. Bond, 34, was fatally shot earlier this month. (Matthew Jonas/Staff Photographer)

Bond was found dead in the passenger’s seat of an abandoned vehicle on Valentine Lane roughly an hour and a half later. The driver, Seth Eberly, 23, was a friend of Bond’s and is believed to have been the intended target of the shooting, according to Eberly’s arrest affidavit. After the shooting, Eberly drove the stolen vehicle to Valentine Lane — roughly 2 miles east of Grooms’ home, parked the car and fled, leaving Bond behind, according to an arrest affidavit.

Grooms said her son didn’t always live selflessly. Bond’s final act on the night of his death, though, is one of many that Grooms believes shows the true character of her son, despite a serious drug addiction to heroin. In the wake of his murder, Grooms wanted to give people a complete picture of who her son was, including some bad decisions he made, in an effort to caution others from following the same path.

“If we can save even one younger child from the craziness of these drugs and crime going around town, it might just be worth it,” Grooms said.”I hope it teaches other people that drugs are not the way to go. I don’t want to glorify the last couple (of) years of his life. I want people to understand these drugs are out there, and they’re bad. We’ve got to figure out a way to talk to our kids about it more.”

Just over a month after Bond’s death, Grooms said it’s hard to believe her son is really gone.

“I guess I’m still in shock,” she said….

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