New Car Show, “Driven” Debuts March 30 On The Discovery Channel

In a time where no one is certain about much of anything, “Driven,” the new show debuting Monday night on the Discovery channel, knows what it’s selling – a lively, fresh new look at American car culture with a dash of humor.

 The on-camera portion of the team behind it includes legendary Galpin Motors Inc. President Beau Boeckmann, master custom car builder Dave Shuten and customization specialist “Mad Mike” Martin – all of whom are some of the best-known names in the business.

Boeckmann, for instance, grew up on the showroom floors of Galpin dealerships and is the mastermind behind Galpin Auto Sports’ entire operation.

Dave Shuten created the Galpin Speed Shop with Beau and has spent years restoring classic automobiles like the infamous Pink Panthermobile and constructing custom cars like the Iron Orchid, a one-off period correct ’34 Ford 5-window coupe.

Customization specialist “Mad Mike” Martin has made a career of building and wiring outrageous projects and became a household name when his crazy ideas were brought to life on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.”

“We did ‘pimp my ride’ 15 years ago,” said Boeckmann in a phone interview yesterday. “When it ended I kind of thought we’d get back on TV some day. I don’t watch a lot of car shows so I can’t be critical of the majority of them, but we just wanted authenticity with this show, period. We’re not going to manufacture any drama. In our first episode, we find an engine in a junkyard and the reactions you see on our faces are the reactions we had.”

The men search for historic, one-of-a-kind cars to restore and to reintroduce them back into the automotive history books.

In the series premiere, Boeckmann and the Galpin team resurrect a one-of-a-kind DeTomaso Pantera that Carroll Shelby modified for a secret project with legendary auto industry executive Lee Iacocca as…

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