No Filter: Here For Janelle Monáe’s 2 Hat Revolution

Welcome back my loves! It is No Filter time, where we comb through the Instagrams of queer celebs! Let us get to it!

Frankly this just makes me feel like a champion? A feeling that I am looking for these days!


Truly a gorgeous photograph, you love to see it!

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This lovely woman, whom ever since @bravotopchef season ten finished airing (many years ago), has been deeply imbedded in my life. Offering advice, seeing me through professional and personal shifting (not always pretty 😐), support, care, and a wonderful friendship both in person and from afar. Not that she needs any “vouching” for but her new show on @hulu, Taste the Nation, premieres Thursday the 18th. It’s important and thoughtful while being informative and entertaining. Tune in! @padmalakshmi, Everything you give energy to shows up, I am so thrilled for you and those you highlight telling their stories of community and history, culture and family with the love language and conversation starter that resonates with so many that is food ❤️⭐️ LOVE YOU! #markyourcalendar #reminderset #friendswhoarefamily #topchef

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Legends supporting legends? Also I love a matching moment!

Correct, yes. No notes.

Again, I have no notes!

L O V E this energy, let us bring it with us everywhere.

A real 10/10 hat moment, and while I cannot believe the Politician is a real program, I will probably watch it, just like I did with the first season?

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I am over the moon for this dress but it’s not blogged yet- hopefully soon! It’s the #highlandswrapdress in dueling tencel prints from @blackbirdfabrics – required some minor adjustments to get my preferred fit but overall a really lovely pattern with some lovely surprise details! (You can also get a peek of my memade fur slides at the bottom!) Today I went live with @project_q_ , an amazing organization I have been very lucky to volunteer for over the years. Project Q’s main mission is to support queer youth of color experiencing homelessness by providing free gender-affirming haircuts to members of the community, free educational and recreational workshops to empower and invigorate the youth, and food and hygiene kits to keep them nourished and safe- but they are also a salon open to the greater public, so getting a haircut means supporting their programs! Of course you can also donate to support their work! I linked to the live in my stories and you can also visit the Project Q page to click their website and show some support. The goal today is to get 3 new $25 donation members, and if you donate, you will be entered into a raffle where you can win some cool prizes, like some of my maker artwork on a poster! Thanks for all you do, @project_q_ and thanks to everyone here for taking a moment to read, share, and show some support ♥️♥️♥️

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Matching MASK and dress now that is a LOOQ.

I will at least have to listen to this to figure out why…Pants?

I? Can confirm!

Come on through Cara!

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