Part Two, The Present & Future In LMP –

You can read Part One of this interview on United Autosports’ plans to re-enter GT racing Here

Let’s talk about LMP racing. We’re here at Paul Ricard and there’s a fleet of new United Ligier LMP3 cars, the first competitive outing for a brand new generation of LMP3.

You’re here too with a pair of Orecas in LMP2 as well and running in front of just about every session out there. (United would go on to score double poles and a double win in LMP2 and LMP3).

Right now there are changes afoot in LMP racing. LMDH is on the horizon. Le Mans Hypercar is just around the corner for the FIA WEC.

All of that brings into focus two or three things: Choices about where your efforts go in the future in terms of cars, and for the Championships and what it is you think needs to happen right now to address the big elephant in the room right now, which is clearly the impact has been had on the sport, on the industry and on the world as a whole of what we’re still going through, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Richard Dean: “Well, first of all, we’re here at Paul Ricard, and for ELMS there are 32 cars on the grid. I think it’s incredible that everybody in the paddock has done such a fantastic job to make it through all of this and we haven’t really lost many cars, which is a surprise.
“We obviously shouldn’t be complacent about that, because it might be difficult next year as well.

“I think the new LMP3 car has helped enormously. It’s an affordable car to run, the introduction of the new 2020 cars that you’re seeing here for the first time and are competing against each other for the first time in all official practice sessions. It’s the first time we’ve really been able to compare the new Duqueine and the new Ligier and they look pretty close.

“It’s a nice step up, all the cars looking to be running reliably and certainly from where we are, we’ve got a great relationship with Ligier over many years. And we were in no doubt where we were…

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