Pop Culture Fix: Cate Blanchett Said the Words “I’m a Lesbian” So That’s Fun?

Hi! It’s me, Valerie! Taking over for Heather for just a little while to deliver your bi-weekly Pop Culture Fix.

+ My first gift to you is Cate Blanchett saying “I’m a lesbian” much to the surprise of Sarah Paulson. (Sure, she was just reading a comment and not actually coming out, but listening to it added a year to my life.)

+ I hope you have been enjoying the newest Twitter trend, which is LGBTQ+ actresses pitching themselves as the new Batwoman. I sure have.

Some are even coming out publicly for the first time* in order to be considered for the role. What a world!

(*I can’t be 100% sure this was the first time Camryn Grimes said this, it’s just the first I’ve heard of it.)

+ The Advocate talked to Monica Raymund about being a queer actress playing a “fully realized lesbian lead” on Hightown.

+ Netflix’s Elite was renewed for a fourth season.

+ Stumptown was renewed, too!

+ Pixar released a short about a gay man and put it right on Disney+ where children can see it. (I tease but it’s actually very sweet and cute.)

+ Season 2 of Homecoming is queerer than Season 1, on screen and behind the camera.

+ The TV Junkies talked to Motherland: Fort Salem’s Amalia Holm about whether Scylla really loved Raelle or if it was all an act.

Published at Mon, 25 May 2020 21:34:08 +0000-Pop Culture Fix: Cate Blanchett Said the Words “I’m a Lesbian” So That’s Fun?

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