Reader wants auto insurance that protects all

To the editor:

Annette Glenn chose the issue of lowering car insurance rates in Michigan as one of the main wins for her representative efforts. However, in my understanding and experience, coverages changed such that drivers who want reduced rates also get less coverage, leaving vulnerable people more at risk when insurance coverage is needed for accidents.

When the changes went into effect, our rates dropped along with coverage. About two weeks later, we received a bill that was *higher* than what we had in place before the change, still with less coverage. We’ve adjusted this to be closer to our previous rate, but coverage is still less than it was.

As a single mom with two teen drivers, I want coverage that protects us well. I don’t just want lower rates that make a politician look good on paper, but can actually take advantage of people who don’t fully understand the impact of the changes. We’ve had a loved one become severely injured in an automobile accident and the insurance experience was a nightmare. His health care cost over $300,000 and out of pocket was well over $20,000 due to various factors we didn’t know about beforehand. We’re much more aware of insurance coverage now. Changing insurance coverage may or may not be the best move for families. Promoting such as a political win feels fake and disheartening to me.

I wish politicians would choose issues that actually help people, instead of just creating the illusion of helping.



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