SU reopening: How the No. 1 party school deals with a pandemic; more top stories

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High: 91; Low: 72. Another heat advisory issued

Photo of the Day

Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee on Route 31. The weekly event drew about 250 vehicles, Liverpool, N.Y., Saturday July 25, 2020Scott Schild |

CLASSIC CARS AND COFFEE: From a fully restored 1969 Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando armored personnel carrier to a factory-fresh Chevy Corvette, there was a little for everyone at Cars and Coffee on Route 31 in the Wegmans parking lot early Saturday morning. About 250 cars filled in the parking lot from the HomeGoods side all the way to in front of Wegmans. Groups sat in chairs socially distanced, and most wore masks when walking around. See more photos of the classic cars that were there. (Scott Schild photo)

Coronavirus Update

What happens when the nation’s No. 1 party school opens in a pandemic? Parties are part of the culture at Syracuse University, a point of pride for many. In a pandemic, they are also a problem. SU students we surveyed said being back with friends was the biggest reason they wanted to be back on campus. So with a student body eager for connection, will the school be able to curtail partying enough to make it through the school year without a major coronavirus problem? Here’s how the school is hoping to do just that.

Cuomo on declining state virus numbers: “Don’t get cocky”: As hospitalizations and positive coronavirus test results remain low in New York state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s message wasn’t one of celebration, but one of caution: “Don’t get cocky, don’t get arrogant. There are still threats that are out there.”

“You’re watching everything crumble around you”: “Defi” is the French word for “challenge.” That seems appropriate, as the unique Syracuse restaurant with that name is one of many struggling to stay…

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