Sunday Funday Is Lizzo’s Soulmate and So Can You

Happy Sunday! I woke up thinking it was Monday. Spent a full hour in Monday mode and then realized “holy shit I missed a day!” So here we are. Do days even mean anything anymore? Why do I keep buying planners? Do I really think they’ll make the endlessness of time feel more manageable? I live in Texas, I’m not leaving this house. Why keep trying???????

Anyway! News! Good news! I’ve got it, so I’m gonna share it!

Happy Pride!

If today were a day when we left our homes, a lot of places would be celebrating Pride today!

+ How BLM can make for a more inclusive Pride.

+ How to find more queer friends, especially right now.

+ Vera Wang says “Happy Pride” with a mani and a picture of her looking better than you (and me). She’s SEVENTY ONE. HOW?!


+ Happy Pride, the SCOTUS’ ruling in favor of trans and gay folks’ right to not be fired because of gender/sexual identity may…. save the climate?

…the L.G.B.T. ruling adds an unexpected new element.

One climate change litigator has already taken note. Julia Olson, the lead lawyer for plaintiffs in the climate case Juliana v. the United States, made the Bostock opinion part of her request this week to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to hold a new hearing on the case, which was dismissed in January.

Ms. Olson said that the questions in her case were consistent with the principles laid out in the Gorsuch opinion. “I have always believed that we win this case with an opinion written by a conservative judge or justice,” she added.

+ Tonight! A Pride celebration and digital fundraiser for the Knights and Orchid Society, “a Black, transgender and gender nonconforming-led organization that provides a wealth of services for the rural LGBTQ community”

Music and Art

+ Have you heard of the hot music group The Chicks, aka the Dixie Chicks?

+ “Christine Lahti’s portrayal of Gloria Steinem in PBS’ “Gloria: A Life” reflects both a veteran artist’s skill and a passion for the subject.”

+ While we tear down monuments to confederate soldiers, racists, and colonizers, this summer a new monument of women’s rights pioneers is coming to Central Park.

+ Send your crush a playlist featuring 13 essential songs from historic lesbian label Olivia Records. 

+ Cheryl Dunye’s The Watermelon Woman has been cool, will be cool, and is cool. 

+ Some She-Ra content for your heart

+ Lizzo released the lyric video for “Soulmate” featuring our friends from Queer Eye!

Very Cool Queers

+ This minister came out as a trans woman in a recent sermon. 

+ The legacy of Elka Gilmore, a SF chef who made space for queer women to thrive in her kitchens.

+ Rebecca Black, of “Friday” fame, reflects on her first June as an out queer woman. 

+ Five nonbinary comics talk about who they are and who they are NOT.

Okay love you so much. I’m gonna try to spend most of my day away from the computer and then do the same thing every day this week, even though, yes, that feels impossible, I know. Take a break if and when you need it, you deserve it!! Have the best stinking week that you can. Pick up some grocery store flowers for your spirit.

Published at Sun, 28 Jun 2020 16:47:04 +0000-Sunday Funday Is Lizzo’s Soulmate and So Can You

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