Sunday Funday is Wishing Breonna Taylor a Happy Birthday!

It’s Sunday y’all! And a weird one at that. Friday should’ve been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. Right now she’s supposed to be recovering from shenanigans with her homegirls over the weekend. She’s supposed to be sneaking into church late and hungover because her mom asked her to come just so we can celebrate you. This is supposed to be a weekend of celebration.

I know that particularly well because this weekend is also my birthday weekend. Today I’m 29 (it’s also Prince, Nikki Giovanni, and Gwendolyn Brooks’ birthdays as well). And while usually my birthday weekend is full of chaos in the most joyful Gemini way possible, this weekend has been different. I had a minor, unplanned surgery on Friday (I’m fine). I took a three hour nap yesterday and cleaned my house. Today, I might march for Black lives. It feels hard to celebrate, but I really really want to.

SO! We are having a birthday party for Breonna! Birthday parties consist of celebratory remarks — so leave your birthday wishes in the comments, share your favorite videos of Black joy, drop a birthday playlist, and give her family a gift and post your receipt to encourage folks to match your donation.


Let’s show her, and Black girls everywhere just how much we love them.

Happy Birthday Breonna. Next year, justice.

(Oh, and happy gave-birth day to the woman who gave birth to me. Black women matter.)

Published at Sun, 07 Jun 2020 14:25:41 +0000-Sunday Funday is Wishing Breonna Taylor a Happy Birthday!

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