Take A Trip Through Chevrolet History: Video

The Chevrolet Motor Car Company was founded well over a century ago in 1911. In the 109 years that would follow, the Bow Tie brand ushered in a long list of innovations and breakthroughs, and now, Chevy’s history is profiled in the following brief video.

Clocking in at a little over three minutes in length, the video is far from covering the entirety of Chevy’s history, but does well to hit some of the big stuff. The video is part of the brand’s week-long online car enthusiast celebration series, which also included a look at the 1914 Chevrolet H4 Baby Grand.

This particular piece kicks off with the founding of the the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. As the video pointed out, the company’s history can be traced back to Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss-American engineer, mechanic, and racing driver. After honing his skills in Paris, Chevrolet emigrated to the United States, where he met General Motors co-founder W.C. Durant.

Together, Durant and Chevrolet founded Chevrolet Motor Company, with Durant providing his business expertise, and Chevrolet providing his engineering skills and racing passion.

The origins of the famous Chevy Bow Tie are also linked to Louis Chevrolet. As the story goes, the company co-founder and his wife were traveling in France, and came across a wallpaper pattern that had a familiar shape – the Chevy Bow Tie. Chevrolet brought the shape back the U.S., which has been used as the automaker’s brand logo ever since.

Naturally, any rundown of Chevy’s history would be remiss if it didn’t mention at least mention a few of the brand’s most noteworthy models. As such, this video lists standouts like the Chevy Cameo pickup truck, the Chevy Bel Air, and the Chevy Corvette Stingray. Then we have various equipment innovations, such as the venerable Small Block V8 engine, and Chevy’s deep connection to the world of motorsports and car culture in general.

The video ties things up with a look at the brand’s present and its future,…

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