The Comment Awards Are Sobbing Over Gay Cartoons

Hello! I finished She-Ra last night, and… holy heart of Etheria, the tears I shed! I AM SO GLAD THAT KIDS TODAY HAVE GAY CARTOONS TO WATCH. I’m so glad that WE have gay cartoons to watch! Also: what am I gonna do now that it’s over?!

This week, Allie wrote a perfect thing: The Four Robots You Meet in Quarantine.

The team talked about what they wish they’d known before having sex for the first time – these are important!

Bailey introduced us to the creators of CuTie.BIPoC Fest, who spoke about the incredible importance of non-white queer spaces (and the illustrations! are! everything!).

Christina helped out a person whose friend really needs to see a therapist.


This was astounding: Anatomy Of A Mango: Skin.

Isabella spoke to A. Andrews about their new bookA Quick and Easy Guide to Sex and Disibility. I am so excited for this book, pals!

And finally, if you’re not an A+ member yet, you’re probably going to want to become one, because the team just got VERY vulnerable and honest in the latest A+ roundtable!

Then there were your comments!

On Things I Read That I Love #311: As If I Were a Train and the Last Page Was Anna Karenina:

The Olivia Cruise Award to Sally:

Could there be a hallowed day where we get an entirely cruise ship-themed TIRTL? Like also including throwbacks to ones where the cruise ship was possibly incidental like that one about the awful bitcoin entrepeneurs. And I know that great one about the lesbian journalist who went on an Olivia cruise and fell in love with an older butch was linked off AAA and not here, but I feel it bears re-linking.

On Pop Culture Fix: Javicia Leslie Brings the Bat Girl Magic

The Negotiations Award to shamblebot:

I too am in “active negotiations” to include LGBT content in my holidays by setting up an OkCupid profile

On Anatomy Of A Mango: Skin:

The Sex Dreams Award to Mathilde:

WHEWWWWW this is excellent. One of my favorite pieces ever published on Autostraddle dot com and one of my favorite pieces on fatness published anywhere. Reading this grew my love for myself and grew my fat4fat sex dreams. Thank you.

On No Filter: Kate Moennig’s Dapper Dog Hates Her New Boots:

The Alice Pieszecki Bisexual Award to thatottergirl:

See, that dog and cat petting is the bisexual representation Alice never got to have on the OG L Word. Glad Leisha at least recognizes the symbolism!

On The Olympics Are Coming:

The Moth to Flame Award to The Cherub:

I’ve convinced many a Tristan to join me in becoming far too invested in sports we’ve never played with people we’ll never meet from places we forgot existed since the last Olympics. 50/50 chance we’re not on speaking terms by closing ceremonies. I’m unbothered. Not everyone was cut out for Olympic viewing.

On Pop Culture Fix: Cameron Esposito and Glennon Doyle Nickname LA’s NWSL Team “The Lesbians”:

The What About The Elevators Award to Caitlin:

absolutely fascinated to see how grey’s anatomy, a show where everyone is kissing everyone at all times, will deal with a pandemic! will this be a ‘teaching richard about nonbinary pronouns and forcing him to expand his worldview’ moment or a ‘washington legalized weed so we got half the cast high in a weird terrible juxtaposition with our #MeToo storyline’ moment can you tell i just finished a quarantine rewatch of the recent seasons

And on My Top Ten Television Shows: Christina Tucker, Who Loves Hangout Comedies and White Women Going Off:

The A Plus Plus Award to Catherine:

Christina, your appearance on “Nicole’s Grey’s Anatomy” was p e r f e c t i o n, as is this list. A+++++

See a comment that needs to be here? Tag me! I’m [at] queergirl.

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