The future is here: Apple introduces digital car keys in iOS 14 – News

Now that self-driving cars are a reality, and you can summon your Tesla from a car park as 007 did, it only makes sense that you should be able to have your car key inside your phone in 2020.

In Apple’s latest iOS update, this has become a reality thanks to NFC technology, and BMW is the first manufacturer to jump at a partnership with the tech giant. 

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On top of this, iOS 14 has just made car-sharing a whole lot easier thanks to the ability to “send” keys through the ‘message’ app.

Using the same technology as Apple Pay, which removes the need for a traditional wallet, the software company is about to replace that manky old key ring with a Carkey that lives in the Wallet app.

Obviously, this ability is exclusive to NFC-compatible cars, so your old Corolla won’t be able to make use of this tech, but BMW models manufactured after July 1st will be able to.

Apple previously revealed that the keys will be able to be shared with people in individual conversations, but won’t be available in group chats due to security reasons.

Owners will also be able to grant others temporary access to their vehicle, and revoke it when finished. This would be useful for a valet driver or a mechanic, permanent access is also an option.

Just like Dodge did with its iconic Hellcats, owners will be able to restrict the BMW’s max power output for that key, along with other settings such as top speed and radio volume setting. 

It will take a while for this technology to catch on in the wider car market, as manufacturers will have to install NFC readers from the factory.

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