“The L Word” Episode 409 Podcast: Let’s Spend The Entire Day in Bed With Alice and Special Guest Carmen Phillips!

Jenny hunts for a director and Alice, Tasha, Helena and Papi spend 50% of the episode in Alice’s bed in this thrilling episode with special guest and passionate Tasha fan, Dr. Carmen Phillips of Autostraddle Dot Com! What is Marina doing here? How much shittier can Shane’s Dad be? How much traffic does OurChart ACTUALLY get? Why hasn’t Helena gotten any of her poker winnings? Who is Papi sprung about? Why is Angus still here? How hot does Bette look in a worksuit? Join us for a really funny episode sure to enable at least 1.5 hours of dissociation!

As promised in the podcast, your visual aids and out of context screencaps exist below, with the context in the captions as indicated:

“This time there’s some women and there’s some colors”

“We cut to Vancouver, where it’s raining”

“He sent her ten thousand bouquets of flowers”

Carmen: “I love that shot so much…. you know [The Kiss]? I want them to take this picture of Tasha and Alice and make it poster size so I can hang it in my very adult bedroom.”

Helena’s confusing sombrero

Riese: “Dad goes to the bookshelf, pulls a book off the shelf, what book is it everybody? At first I thought it was Generation X by Douglass Copeland. It is not. It is Sum of Her Parts.”
Carly: “By Jennifer Shecter.”

Riese: “Also as he walks in, Alice does this turnaround where she like mouths to everybody ‘HELP ME’”

Carly: “Can you imagine being Leonard…. and you’re coming here to see this lesbian to be like why, what did you do to her, and then you walk in and there are three other women in her bed? That visual should’ve been it. He should’ve been like OH I get it.”

Riese: “I swear to God the woman who stands up and starts yelling was in Battlestar.”

Carly: “Then Phyllis enters the room fully dressed like Steven Segal.”

Carly: “We see the phone and in all caps it says LEONARD KROLL IS IN MY BED”

The meeting that can’t start without Max

Carly: “I thought I knew the hotel, I think it’s the Standard.
Riese: “First of all I was like Carly will know what hotel this is, and second of all, I was like, why is everyone else at this pool wearing full clothing.”

Shay’s Wax t-shirt

Riese: “I would like to note that the screen at the beginning — they are looking at OurChart’s traffic and they are NOT getting 40,000 hits an hour.”

Carly: “Grace is wearing just the most gigantic cowboy boots I’ve ever seen.”

Riese: “Then Marina comes up and sits on his lap and starts leering at Jenny.”

Carly: “They just go nuts with the spray paint and just deface the whole thing.”

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