The News Journal Organizers say Corbin Rod Run will return in 2021 after solid 2020 –

Organizers of the inaugural Corbin Rod Run, which was held last Friday and Saturday at The Arena in Corbin, said the event went well, and promised bigger things in 2021.

“The end result was great,” said Rodney Buckner of Surfboard Promotion. “It was a good start to a great show in the future.”

Buckner said the show ended up drawing more than 75 classic and custom cars and trucks. While he was initially expecting between 150 and 200, car owners and vendors agreed it went well.

“They loved the facility,” Buckner said. “It is a great facility and a great location that is not hard to find from Interstate 75 or U.S. 25E.”

Buckner added that one of the most promising things was the number of owners and vendors who committed to returning in 2021.

“Three-quarters of the car owners signed back up for next year, along with every one of the vendors,” he said.

“The main thing I look at is that as long as my participants and vendors are happy, I’m happy,” he added.

Buckner said his main goal for next year is to draw more cars and vendors for the outside portion of the show. He is counting on word of mouth from those who did participate this time to help make that happen.

“When these people go back home and talk about Corbin and the way they were treated it will make a difference,” Buckner said.

“Everybody in the building appreciated the way they were treated,” he added.

Buckner said he is working on planning two shows in Corbin in 2021.

Along with the return of the Corbin Rodrun, on May 21 and 22, he will be bringing the Kentucky Truck Invasion. It will feature Chevy/GMC truck of all years and models.

“It is going to be bigger and better,” Buckner said.