There’s A Chance To Own A One-Of-One Ford Concept Car

Concept vehicles are some of the most enticing and breathtaking expressions of automotive design that we get to interact with. More often than not these design exercises fall to the wayside, never to be seen again. However, from time to time we see these cars re-emerge from the collections before hitting the auction block. That is exactly what has happened with this 1989 Ford concept car, now offered for sale on Bring a Trailer.

This particular Ford concept car was dubbed the ‘Via’ back in 1989, before making its global debut at the Geneva Auto Show. Built by the folks over at Ghia, this fiberglass bodied show car would find itself stateside for the 1990 Chicago Auto Show. Futuristic for its time, the design features dual hood ducts, two aircraft-style fuel filler caps, and a rear spoiler that was intended to be active. The Ford Via is jam packed with some pretty neat tech too, as up top there are photosensitive roof panels that adjust in bright light, and the headlights are full-blown fiber optic units.

Image Courtesy of Bring a Trailer.

What isn’t full on this particular Ford Via show car is the engine bay, as the concept was never fitted with one. Actually, most of the actual driving related features do not work, sans the trick headlights. Even the doors on the right side of the vehicle are inoperable, something that designer Moray Callum commented was a result of the time-crunch the team was under at the time.

While this particular Ford concept car isn’t one that you could easily take to the open road, it is an intriguing piece of automotive history. We won’t be surprised to see this car end up as another piece of art in someones collection, but we really are hoping someone tries to get this thing on the road.

Image Courtesy of Bring a Trailer.

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