This odd-looking vehicle is reportedly Lightning’s enclosed electric motorcycle

Lightning Motorcycles is no stranger to electric vehicles that think outside the box. But this latest vehicle gets rid of the box entirely, opting instead for a fully-enclosed motorcycle fairing.

Is Lightning Motorcycles building an enclosed bike?

California-based Lightning Motorcycle’s past projects have included the fastest electric motorcycle in the world, known as the LS-218, as well as a new model of affordable electric sport bike known as the Lightning Strike.

The former has been in (very) low volume production for years, while the latter is apparently already making deliveries, though we haven’t seen very many in the wild.

But that hasn’t stopped the company from apparently advancing on an ambitious new project: a fully enclosed electric motorcycle.

Diagrams of the new enclosed bike were found in Chinese patent filings, according to CycleWorld.

And that would make sense, as Lightning was confirmed to have set up a Chinese factory last year. Plus, it is common for American companies to file Chinese patents – sometimes even before filing US patents – as a way to ward off imitators. With a valid Chinese patent, infringing products can be stopped before even leaving a Chinese port.

While the idea of Lightning working on an enclosed electric motorcycle seems a bit far-fetched at first, you might want to give this report a bit more credence. Late last year when I interviewed Lightning Motorcycles CEO Richard Hatfield, he cryptically discussed some upcoming secret projects:

We also have a couple of other projects that we are working on right now and that we’re very excited about, that are very aerodynamic and efficient projects – something that nobody is really producing at this point. We’ve done quite a bit of CFD [computational fluid dynamics], we have a scale wind tunnel in house, and we have a full-size wind tunnel about 15 miles from our site that we use.

At the time I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I assumed it…

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