Two new car shows to take center stage at Pontiac’s M1 Concourse | Local News

Pontiac will be home to two new festivals for car enthusiasts in the next year at the M1 Concourse.

The private motorsports club formed a new group this summer, the Pontiac Motorsports Exposition, to build events around the 1.5-mile performance track and 87-acre property. The race track has been host to private and public car shows since it opened in 2016 off Woodward Avenue.

In August the concourse will debut its first new festival, the Woodward Dream Show. The three-day event will feature curated car shows, races and a parade around downtown Pontiac. A second new show, The American Festival of Speed, is in the works for October 2021.

M1 Concourse aerial Pontiac (2).jpg

The M1 Concourse in Pontiac. 

The Woodward Dream Cruise was one of many car events cancelled this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. Tim Hartge, CEO of the Pontiac Motorsports Exposition, said that while the Woodward Dream Show isn’t a direct response to the lack of a cruise this year, it is a response to how the cruise was traditionally organized.

“It’s not a focused show. People don’t know where to go, there’s a lack of facilities and good food. We can bring…

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