From the window where Maggy Anthony usually watches the river and the passersby in downtown Reno, she could see rioters moving closer in the darkness Saturday night. 

“I got a call from my daughter asking, ‘Are you all right?'” she said. 

By the time her daughter arrived at the Riverside Artist Lofts to pick up Maggy and her roommate and ex-husband, Eugene Anthony, the rioters were trying to flip her Mazda Protege parked in front of the building. 

“The day was so peaceful; there were mothers pushing strollers and everyone was getting along in the protest from what I could see, but you had a small minority of people who are very angry,” said Maggy. “Unfortunately, we became targets.”

Coach Craft Body Shop confirmed that vandals caused $3,500 in damages to the car. Profanity was spray painted on the roof, which was bashed, likely from rioters jumping on it. The rear view mirror, with a handicapped placard hanging on it, was broken off. The back window was smashed. 

While insurance will cover a portion of the damage, Maggy’s Social Security income won’t suffice to cover the rest, she said. 

The arts community, however, is rallying to help the Anthonys, legends of the Reno arts scene. Within 24 hours of posting a plea for help on social media, community members had donated more than $1,000 over Facebook.

“She’s a prolific writer, and she’s an incredible person in our community,” said Mary Bennett, another resident of the Riverside Artist Lofts and a friend of Anthony’s. 

Artists with history

Both Maggy and Eugene Anthony are artists.

Maggy has authored several books on psychology as well as a series of detective novels set in 1940s and 1950s Reno.

Eugene was a…